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Q&A: Utility Bills? - TXU Energy Q&A

Question by Ronq: Utility Bills?
Does anyone have this problem of paying more than what was initially agreed to pay on utility bills. And when u call an agent to solve why u r being charged more, you end getting confused by their explanation. For instance, initially I was told that my charter monthly payment would be $ 79.99. But now I am paying more than $ 100 a month. For my energy service I feel like I am being ripped off every month. On their statement, I get all these lists of payment&bill details which confuses me and ends up with no argument when talking to an agent. As for the cell service, it always feels like the minutes run out so quikly that I am forced to buy more minutes to fulfill my needs. All these utility companies are rip offs, do u agree?
By the way, I use charter communication, txu energy, and t-mobile.

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Answer by Lion J
I went over my minutes one month and paid a $ 513 bill. Gad that hurts!

I got smart, and bought the biggest plan they have for $ 20 a month more, and I never go over now.

Napoleon Hill said “Think and grow Rich!”

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